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Hof Hausen vor der Sonne Golf AG
Reifenberger Straße
D-65719 Hofheim
Telephone: +49 (0)6192/2099-00/03
Telefax: +49(0)6192/209921

Opening hours Front Office

Tel. +49 (0)6192 – 20 99 03
Beginning April 1st until the end of the season, our Front Office welcomes you 7 days a week from 8:30 AM until 7:00 PM.
During the winter months the Front Office will be open from 10:00 AM until 16:00 PM.

Should you wish to start your golf round before our Front Office opens, you are asked to place your green fee in one of the prepared envelopes. Please deposit it into the letter box on the right hand side of the entrance to our Front Office. Our Front Office employees are more than happy to answer all your questions regarding tournaments or play on the phone or in person.

Opening hours administration office Golf AG

(Tel. +49 (0)6192 – 20 99 01)
The administration office of the Golf AG is available to you from Monday to Friday from 10:00 AM until 17:00 PM.
All questions regarding the purchase of stocks and time-limited memberships, caddy box and locker rentals will, be gladly answered by Ingeborg Haase. She will also help with advertising opportunities in our club magazine and in the tournament calendar.

Sonja Thompson

Sonja Thompson

Front Office

Dorian Ammer

Front Office
Nikolaj Strätz

Nikolaj Strätz

Back Office